Design Advantages: MARYARD has an excellent design team. Designers come from Hong Kong, the United States and the Philippines. They not only master the strengths of Chinese and Western design, but also can respond flexibly to the actual needs of different markets. The designer's keen insight, timely capture of new trends and trends, and bring diversified design concepts and products.


    Service Advantage: Melia has an excellent customer service team and rich experience to answer customers' questions. And provide a professional technical service team to solve furniture maintenance, cleaning, repair and other issues. We will evaluate customer problems and provide efficient solutions.


    Material Advantages: Our products mainly use all-weather artificial rattan (HDPE & PE), Teslin PVC nylon, Myanmar and FSC South American teak, A-grade aluminum, quick-drying high-stretch cotton, American Sunbrella tarpaulin, GRC. Imported advanced materials are used, through rigorous material control, and excellent craftsmanship to reflect the texture of the product.


    Qualification Advantage:Maryard has passed lots of certificates, such as ISO 9001, GMC, FSC, SAC, several patents, etc.



After the precipitation of time, it not only enjoys the reputation of "Master of Design" in the industry, but also has been widely recognized by consumers and certified by various authoritative organizations.


    Maryard participated in the Guangzhou Furniture Fair, and integrated the concepts of furniture positioning, art and branding into the creativity and production of products. It truly achieved the combination of Chinese and Western, elegant and popular, and happy life, bringing everyone the best wish.